Limited Liability

Customer hereby acknowledges and consents to the following:

1. VSG has recommended that we do not send, provide or deliver a master but in the alternative send a duplication master. We acknowledge that VSG does not insure our masters against damage or loss. Further, should any master be damaged or lost while in the possession or care, custody or control of VSG, VSG's liability shall be limited to the replacement of a blank tape only.

2.Customer agrees to remove from VSG's premises all materials including, but not limited to, all negative and positive outtakes, trims, unused films, tape, packaging, promotional material or any other property belonging to customer upon notification that the customer's project has been completed. Customer recognizes that its failure to remove all materials within ninety (90) days after the date the project has been completed, VSG may dispose of such materials as it sees fit, including the destruction of said materials.

Customer acknowledges that VSG shall have the right to destroy or otherwise dispose of said materials without liability for damages or otherwise to customer or any other person or entity. Customer hereby agrees to indemnify and hold VSG harmless from any and all liability, and/or damages connected with the destruction or disposal of said materials. VSG's communication to customer at the customer's last known address is hereby acknowledged as appropriate and sufficient.

Warranty of product, limitation of liability, and indemnification
VSG, Inc. warrants that material produced and delivered by VSG, Inc. meets VSG, Inc.' standard specifications for the material or such other specifications as described in this catalog and meets generally accepted industry standards.
All custom-manufactured and/or printed VSG, Inc. products are unconditionally guaranteed against defects in quality and workmanship. If any custom-manufactured product produced by VSG, Inc. from or through the use of materials is found to be defective in quality, or is shipped or labeled in error, VSG, Inc. will replace or repair defective product and/or correct error in shipment or labeling at its own expense or, at VSG, Inc.' option, refund to customer part or all of the purchase paid to VSG, Inc., on the condition that a) written notice of such defect or error is received by VSG, Inc. at its office within sixty (60) days after shipment by VSG, Inc. to customer, and b) the defect or error did not result from a defect or error in the materials supplied by or on behalf of the customer. If said notice is not received by VSG, Inc. within the date indicated above, VSG, Inc. will be deemed to be released by customer from any and all liability

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