What do facilities expansion, new technology and customer surveys have in common?

All three are linked by our commitment to earn and keep your business. From the beginning, VSG has continually expanded our facilities, invested heavily in new technology, and initiated customer feedback programs that help us track customer satisfaction.

All these initiatives required an investment of money, human resources, or both. The maxim, "You get what you pay for" is so often true. We recognize that a quality operation requires both capital investment and a commitment to be the premier organization in our industry.

Chances are you won't ever see our buildings (although customers are always welcome to drop by to see us any time!), and you may or may not need to take advantage of all of the new technologies we are making available. It's important to note, however, that by increasing our capabilities, efficiencies and the scope of services we can provide customers, we are prepared to meet your needs when they arise, without you having to shop ancillary business to other vendors. We're striving to be your full-service source for video duplication, CD and DVD replication..

The next time one of our sales representatives stops by, remember to ask, "what's new?"   These days there is always something new happening in our organization because we want to be one step ahead of current trends, so your business can remain in the lead, too.

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